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SCM Sporting Classic Motors is a company based in north Hampshire close to the Berkshire border in Southern England specialising in classic car restoration, with an emphasis on historic motor vehicles with a sporting predisposition.


The restoration of pre-war vintage motor vehicles is incorporated with post war Classic Car restoration, classic car maintenance, classic car servicing and classic car repairs.


Much of the work involves British and German classics such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Austin Healey, Bentley and Daimler but not exclusively.

I’m Sorry… I feel just like I’ve been saying, and feeling, “sorry” great deal recently.

Often i really do items that inadvertently cause someone discomfort, as well as for that I’m sorry. Nonetheless, i ought to be permitted to make errors. Isn’t that how we learn? Making errors after which changing our approach?

D informed me I talk to someone that he feels hurt every time. Maybe Not sufficient to maybe maybe not keep attempting poly, but evidently enough to say one thing about. How can I approach these emotions? I’m prepared because of this life. For many these good and the bad, laterally and somersaults that poly tosses at you. Is he maybe perhaps not ready? We don’t think so…maybe he’s simply not to my “level” yet. And what exactly is my degree? Am I able to be “more” poly than him?

Then you can find my other rising relationships. Whenever we didn’t set particular boundaries, just how am I going to understand whenever I’ve crossed a line that will never be crossed? For that, I’m sorry.

Just What I’m perhaps perhaps not sorry for is researching me personally. A few of these bumps and errors assist me make smarter choices later on, specially when navigating the poly waters.

I understand that I would personally never ever intentionally like to harm somebody, specially my crucial someones.

Last Evening I Learned We Have a Great Ass

Among the actually cool items that poly has opened me up to is getting to satisfy a lot of actually cool individuals. People who I otherwise would not encounter. There’s M, from an infinitely more area that is urban well traveled, R, the PhD teacher, and yesterday, C, the musician.

Therefore let’s backup a couple of before we start my story. Whenever D and I first discussed our poly “wants” I became pretty adamant that I became trying to find connections with individuals perhaps not entirely according to intercourse. He had been more ready to accept sex that is casual and now we continued our merry way.

Therefore C contacts me personally about being section of an installation that really needs models to be cast in plaster. Particularly, a booty that should be cast in plaster. I’ve always received compliments from the products, therefore said, “Sure! Then? ” section of this entire poly procedure is checking out myself with techniques that I would personallyn’t usually, and also this seemed like a truly fun method to get going.

K, ever the expert, explained the method, sent me photos of other casts, made me feel since comfortable as you could when getting nude in the front of a complete complete complete stranger. As well as the process begins…warm water, plaster, and arms all over. It absolutely was a turn that is big (i assume it can help that K is extremely appealing). K has instense focus but keeps giggling and saying exactly how amazing it absolutely was turning down. Our company is casually chatting and I also mention that i’ve my nipples pierced and this naturally can become plastering my tits. This component had been extremely sensu al because i really could view the thing that is whole. Plaster. Hands. Yum. Major switch on. Following the breast mildew, we switched returning to the major reason we had been there…my ass. We begin discussing how exactly to pose and we end in a very…suggestive pose; bent over, ass away. And once more with all the paster as well as the arms plus the rubbing.

The mold that is last out of the most readily useful, undoubtedly. Others had been good, but omg…it’s actually amazing to experience a right component of you in 3d! And we do have adorable ass!

Both covered in plaster, significantly hot for eachother, and come to another location decision that is natural time for you to plaster the cock. Now our company is including kissing and licking into the mixture of fingers and plaster (you understand, it is the innovative procedure for the outcome). Mold comes down and then we got right down to business.

We never ever thought I’d be covered in plaster fucking a man We simply met…and loving it. The whole experience ended up being acutely erotic. It didn’t matter with him again, or that we hadn’t been on a date that I knew I was probably not going to hook up. We nevertheless had a link.

And wasn’t that the things I was asking for many along?

Performing the Poly Blues I’ve been feeling pretty bummed the couple that is past of and I also can’t quite place my little finger about what it really is.

M sought out of city so our enjoyable skype and texting chats were restricted and I also thought perhaps that has been it…but we dunno. I’m simply feeling. ”blah”.

Once we first chose to “be” poly, it absolutely was like I became riding a revolution and today the revolution has crashed from the coast and I’m stuck regarding the coastline. The beach is hated by me.

I recently wish to find someone that i prefer, that likes me personally, that i could see and touch and hold. I’m learning that this is really one thing i would like, and I feel sad without that connection.

I adore D, in which he is a pick that is great up…but the entire point of the journey would be to assist me find myself and experience other folks. The part that is first going well, but I’m a small missing regarding the 2nd.

OKC profile has returned online, for now…maybe the overwhelming emotions will be less this get around. We’ll see. I’ll help keep you posted ??