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SCM Sporting Classic Motors is a company based in north Hampshire close to the Berkshire border in Southern England specialising in classic car restoration, with an emphasis on historic motor vehicles with a sporting predisposition.


The restoration of pre-war vintage motor vehicles is incorporated with post war Classic Car restoration, classic car maintenance, classic car servicing and classic car repairs.


Much of the work involves British and German classics such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Austin Healey, Bentley and Daimler but not exclusively.

Numerous reach down to me for the improvement on my first trial

of the Patti Stanger‘s technique.

I talked about my struggles at the 3 – 6 months stages of the whole dating process (check it out from here) if you remember from our last conversation,. But to arrive at the 1, then 2 and in the end 3 stage, I still need to pick one possibility out of the broader pool of guys that come my way month. So on this event, I made the decision to test the Flick, Eyes and Smiles technique that is my interpretation of Patti’s method of engaging with potentials at social occasions.

The movie, Eyes, Smiles is focused on, you basically place your self within the view associated with the man that you want to interact with, a proven way or perhaps the other, when you are on their radar, you get noticed. When that takes place, flick the hair over your shoulders, for those who have long hair, if you don’t, run the hands throughout your locks, then make attention contact without staring or gorging needless to say as that may turn you against a sexy chica in to a frightening stalker which he want to avoid!. Then continue by having a confident brief laugh, but look closely at the stretch of this lips, an excessive amount of teeth could possibly be taken to be too enthusiastic and too keen. So restrict exposure, reveal some teeth yet not the total 36! Then you wait, counting from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; He’ll started to you before you reach 1. Strong word of caution right right here however, since confident as you may feel utilizing the movie, Eyes, Smiles method, never ever, ever, ever walk up to him. Then go through the steps again, he’ll eventually come to you if he doesn’t come to you the first time around, change your place in the room. It’s area of the party!

Since our last get caught up, my other friend that is single i did so allow it to be to the planned singles’ event, held in just one of the club homes in Central London. In a pivotal place in the room from where I could see almost everyone and anyone who came in and from where I could see the full action around the bar as I waited for my friend to come in, I positioned myself. Quickly I spotted a chance standing beside the club who was simply presumably also waiting around for a buddy. You never settle for the first possibility especially at the beginning of such an event as guys never do as you may know by now! Thus I proceeded to scour the available room for any other opportunities.

My other single buddy fundamentally turned up and as we had been getting up, i possibly could observe that he continued evaluating my way, so I flicked, made attention contact and smiled! About five full minutes later on, he wandered towards my way then again strolled appropriate past me personally, presumably he’s a shy man I was thinking! Then he strolled straight back once again as if he had been going back to the club, then stopped to introduce himself! Bingo! I had been therefore happy that things had been taking place, unexpectedly the looked more promising evening!

Well, the disadvantage to all this needless to say, is that you don’t ever understand how feasible that possibility is and soon you actually begin talking to him! He might squeal just like a squirrel or haven’t any skill in linking with other people after all, which may unexpectedly flip his sex appeal upside down or maybe it’s a plus, if you notice your globe to be half full in the place of being half empty. Anyhow once we went a bit beyond the change of pleasantries, I quickly found that the art of social conversation ended up beingn’t one of my possibility’s strongest points! I will be often a half complete glass kinda girl however the non end chatter in addition to me way for the conversation made me free total curiosity about their chatter, that has been a shame that is real!

Regarding the bright part but, at the very least used to do learn so it works whenever you flick, make eye contact & smile! Just include your touch that is own to!